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Kiroli Elementery School's ARISS Contact

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

"NA1SS this is AE5V. It is time for our scheduled ARISS contact. How do you copy? Over", Connor Wiedemeier (KF5MTQ) at 18:10 UTC on 9/22/2011.


  • On Thursday, September 22nd, 2011, at 1:10 p.m. CDT, fourteen students at Kiroli Elementary School in West Monroe, Louisiana spoke via amateur radio with Dr. Satoshi Furukawa (M.D., Ph.D.) on-board the International Space Station. For approximately 10 minutes, the time of an International Space Station overhead pass, these students each asked a question of Dr. Furukawa about life in space and other space-related topics.

    Kiroli Elementary School was selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to participate in Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) contact in December 2010. Application to participate was submitted by Mrs. Carolyn Norris, Principal; Dr. Paul Wiedemeier, ULM Associate Professor of Computer Science; and Dr. Benson Scott, a local physician.

    ARISS contacts are provided to K-12 schools and educational institutions world-wide through a partnership between NASA, the American Radio Relay League, the Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation, and other amateur radio organizations and space agencies in Russia, Canada, Japan, and Europe. Superintendent Bob Webber stated, "Ouachita Parish School System is delighted to have this opportunity for students at Kiroli School. Thanks to Dr. Wiedemeier and Dr. Scott for helping to arrange the event, and to Mrs. Norris and Assistant Principal Jane Biggs, along with their staff for the hard work in getting things ready. These children will remember this forever".

Articles, Images, Video, Audio, etc. of Kiroli's ARISS contact

  • The invitation to attend Kiroli's ARISS contact, which was sent by the Ouachita Parish School System to local media and guests.

  • An article by the ARISS organization announcing Kiroli's ARISS contact.
  • A description by NASA of the activities on-board the ISS on 9/22/2011 - Look at time point 2:05 p.m.
  • Details of ISS pass 73613.

  • An interview about Kiroli's ARISS contact conducted by Jay Curtis from KEDM Radio that aired on October, 7, 2011. Connor Wiedemeier (KF5MTQ), myself, and Mr. Terri O'Banion (KF5KAN) participated in the interview.

  • An article by KNOE 8 News
  • An article by Barbara Leader that appeared in The News Star on 9/23/2011.

  • Pictures by Dr. Benson Scott
  • Pictures by Tom Morris
  • Pictures by Aline Smead from the Ouachita Parish School System
  • Pictures by Ben Corda from The News Star

  • Video by Tom Morris
  • Video by Renee Allen from KNOE 8 News

  • Audio by John Spasojevich (AG9D)
  • Audio by Ken Ramsey

  • The contact script used during Kiroli's ARISS contact.

    • This document shows the text said by the student who acted as the control operator, as well as the questions asked by each of the other students who participated in the ARISS contact. These slide were printed on 8.5"x11" card stock; the question was printed on the front and the ARISS logo was printed on the back. You will see the children holding them in the video.

Special Thanks

  • I first want to thank Connor, Cayden, Madeline, Olivia, Hayden, Christian, Alex, Zachary, Abby, Collin, Trent, Laura Katherine, Peyton, and Hayden. I hope you had fun and learned alot from this experience. I had a blast!

    I would also like to thank all of the 5th grade students at Kiroli Elementary School for the "Thank You" cards that they make for Dr. Benson Scott, Mr. Roger Ley, Mr. Keith Pugh, and me. They each were truly wonderful.

    Tom Morris and Renee Allen provided the video of Kiroli's ARISS contact. Ken Ramsey and John Spasojevich (AG9D) provided the audio. Dr. Benson Scott, Tom Morris, Aline Smead, and Ben Corda provided the pictures. Thanks folks. You did a great job!

    Thanks also to following members of the University of Louisiana at Monroe Amateur Radio Club for their assistance during the ARISS contact: Ms. Terri O'Banion (KF5KAN), Ms. Kayla Laney (KF5MTL), Mr. David Reeves (KF5MTO), Mr. Paul Boquet (KF5MTG), Mr. Cameron Brister, and Mr. Aaron Miyahira (KF5KAL).

    Additionally, I would like to thank Mrs. Carolyn Norris, Kiroli Elementary Schools' Principal, Mrs. Jane Biggs, Kiroli Elementary Schools' Assistant Principal, Mrs. Aline Smead, Ouachita Parish School System Media Specialist, and Mrs. Renee Streeter, KPALs Presidnet, for helping me organize this event. Without your help, this event would not have been as successful.

    Last, I would like to thank Dr. Benson Scott (AE5V), Mr. Roger Ley (WA9PZL), and Mr. Keith Pugh (W5IU) for providing their "radio expertise" during the ARISS contact!

    Thank you all!

    -Paul D. Wiedemeier

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